Malmö Art Academy, Malmö (SE) [MFA in Free Art]

Goldsmiths’ College, London (UK) [visiting programme]

Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL) [BFA in Free Direction]

Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto (JP) [correspondence course in Information Design]

Faculty of Literature, Kobe College, Nishinomiya (JP) [BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (culture/philosophy/sociology)]

solo exhibitions (selected)

2019 ISSP gallery, Riga (LV) [part of International Literature Festival: Prose Readings]
2019 Verbal Acts & Graphic Movements, The Bag Factory, Johannesburg (ZA)

2019 Paraphrasing Manners, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT)

2017 Tracking the Small World, Design and Creative Center Kobe, Kobe (JP)

2017 Beloved Equation, Galleri Ping-Pong, Malmö (SE)

2017 The Tree and Other Trees, Konst-ig, Stockholm (SE)

2016 Rubin’s Vase and independent researches, Utrecht/NowIdea, Tokyo (JP)

2016 Stereoscope on Society, Indice 50, Paris (FR)

2016 Art Meets 03, Arts Maebashi Museum of Contemporary Art, Gunma (JP)

2013 Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (SE)

2012 from kilometre zero to elsewhere, Mors Mössa, Gothenburg (SE)

2011 (not seemingly) Rejected Cake and Urban Practice, Caravansarai, Istanbul (TR)

2011 Striking the Golden Mean, Kungstensgatan 27, Stockholm (SE)

2010 Gallery naïve, Stockholm (SE)

2009 Journey with Light Luggage, Space B, Kyoto (JP)

2009 Foregrounding beneath the lighthouse, Galleri 5, Lund (SE)

2006 She has her own story to tell, Galleri Ping-Pong, Malmö (SE)

group exhibitions/presentations (selected)
2019 Kind of Blue, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg (ZA)

2019 Lost & Found, the Bag Factory, Johannesburg (ZA)

2018 Beloved Equation, Ateljé Matts Leiderstam, Stockholm (SE)

2017 Frictions in the Globalisation, EHESS, Paris (FR)

2017 MOT Satellite Connecting Scapes, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo (JP)

2017 Travel and Stationery, Muji Kitte, Tokyo (JP)

2016 Notes, Peer Paper Platform, Amsterdam (NL)

2016 Why does everyone love flowers?, Snow-Land Agrarian Cultural Centre, Echigo-Tsumari (JP)

2015 Artissima, Turin (IT) [presentation within Cittadellarte/Fondazione Pistoletto]

2015 The New Vision, Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo (JP)

2015 10 years of Palatti, Kottishop, Berlin (DE)

2014 Avant-Garden, La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres (FR) [part of FIAC parcour VIP]

2014 New Biennial of Art and Architecture, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm (SE)

2014 Fittja Pavilion, Serra dei Giardini, Venice (IT) [14th Venice Architecture Biennial]

2014 Polyfoni, Gallery Thomas Wallner, Simris (SE)

2013 My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants, Cité des Arts, Paris (FR)

2013 ARAI˚500 - Palatti Schopf, Ledi Overegg, Appenzell (CH)

2013 Teaser, Supermarket/Kulturhuset, Stockholm (SE)

2012 Traces et tracé, Labocréatif 12 folies, Paris (FR)

2012 Ankomst, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (SE)

2011 Play in three acts, WIP Konsthall, Stockholm (SE) [guest performance]

2011 A Casa Recebe + A Casa Visita, Casa Tomada, São Paulo (BR)

2011 Art, Books & Travels, Riche, Stockholm (SE)

2011 Galeria del Infinito, Buenos Aires (AR)

2011 Line by Line, Lumaparken, Stockholm (SE)

2011 Gifts of Intimacy, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm (SE)

2010 Tokyo Fusion, Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg (SE)

2010 New Beginnings, IASPIS, Stockholm (SE)

2009 Labyrinth 09, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm (SE)

2009 MOCA Anywhere Project, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima (JP)

2009 The Art of the Overhead, Stapelbadden, Malmö (SE)

2008 Detour, Medrar for Contemporary Arts, Cairo (EG)

2008 Tehran Biennial: Urban Jealousy, Istanbul (TR), Berlin (DE), and Belgrade (Serbia)

2008 States of Space, Skånes konstförening, Malmö (SE)

2008 Market, Konstakademien, Stockholm (SE)

2007 Ghost Trax, PAD, Verona (IT)

2007 Reflection of Space, Galleri Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm (SE)

2007 Vårsalongen, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (SE)


2018- After-Ripening & Corruption – Cultural and Language Translations in the Lives of People Moving

2016- World as Botanical Landscape

2015 Pure Diffusion, Paris/Stockholm (FR/SE) 

2015 Shared Persona, Paris/Stockholm (FR/SE)

2014 Scratch, Paris/Sèvres/Jouy-en-Josas (FR)

2014 Seeds of Circle, Venice (IT)

2014 Collective Act #010 Finding Everyday in the Distant, Swedish Institute, Paris (FR)

2013 Collective Act #009 2.0 on Hospitality, Surugaya, Tokyo (JP)

2012 Collective Act #009 Collection of Collective Acts, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (JP)

2012 Stereoscope on society, Paris/Stockholm (FR/SE) [collaboration with Paris-based architect group Septembre]

2012 Rejected Cakes project 003 Black Forest, Caravansarai/Divan, Istanbul (TR)

2011 Dining Table between Argentina and Japan, Centro Cultural del Japón, Buenos Aires (AR)

2011 Collective Act #008 Bridging the Antipodes, Jardín Japonés, Buenos Aires (AR)

2011 Klubb Semla, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm (SE)

2011 Rejected Cakes project 002 Happy Cloud, Ateliê Trêsnovesete, São Paulo (BR)

2010 Collective Act #007 From the other side of the planet, Capacete, São Paulo (BR)

2010 Collective Act #006 How to Represent Sweden, Ethnographic Museum, Stockholm (SE)

2010 Rejected Cakes project 001 Chou Paysanne, Gallery Naïve, Stockholm (SE)

2010 Collective Act #005 Food for Thought, IASPIS, Stockholm (SE)

2010 Collective Act #004 What Appears Being Outside, Osaka Seikei University, Kyoto (JP)

2009- Rainbow after Rainbow / Under the Same Blue Sky

2009 Collective Act #003 The Course of Time, St Eriksgatan 56, Stockholm (SE)

2009 Russian Caravan, Stockholm (SE)

2009 Collective Act #002 Sweder than Swedes, Götsgatan 32, Stockholm (SE)

2008 Collective Act #001 Hamburger at Grand Hotel, Stockholm (SE)
2007 Post-Card project

public commissions

2012-2013 relational public art project with stories at Engelbrektsskolan, Stockholm Konst, City of Stockholm

2010-2011 relational public art project with stories at Blommensbergsskolan, Stockholm Konst, City of Stockholm

writing publications

2016 Migration Pendulaire (paperback as an artwork). Maebashi.

2015 Collecting Distances (artist book), text Mats Stjernstedt, design Audrey Templier. Stockholm/Paris.

2014 “Bookshelf”, C-Print, ed. Ashik Zaman, April 2014. Stockholm.

2012 Following Path (two essays as an artwork). Paris/Gothenburg.

2011 “Stars, Moons and Suns”, URRA 2011, ed. Melina Berkenweld. Buenos Aires.

2011 “Ache for the Distance”, Travels, eds. Louise Nilsson, Lisa Boström. Stockholm.

2010 “monologue no.5”, New Beginnings, ed. Sinziana Ravini. IASPIS, Stockholm.


2020 NKF Malongen, Stockholm (SE)
2019 ISSP, Riga (LV)
2019 The
Bag Factory, Johannesburg (ZA)

2019 Kunsthalle Exnergasse/WUK, Vienna (AT)

2017 Design Creative Centre Kobe - KIITO, Kobe (JP)

2015 Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)

2013 Cité International des Arts, Paris (FR)

2013 Dr. R. und R. Schlesinger Stiftung, Appenzell (CH)

2013 Institut Suédois à Paris, Paris (FR/SE)

2012 Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (JP)

2011 URRA, Buenos Aires (AR)

2010 Capacete, São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro (BR)

2010 IASPIS, Stockholm (SE)

2006 Monumental Art Project Programme, Royal College of Art, Stockholm (SE)

grants and prizes

2016 Two-year working grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SE)

2016 Grant for cultural exchange, IASPIS (SE)

2015 Project prize, Illycaffè & Fondazione Pistoletto (IT)

2015 UNIDEE module grant, Fondazione Pietoletto & Illycaffè (IT)

2014 Grant for cultural exchange, IASPIS (SE)

2013 Residency grant (in the field of architecture), Institut Français (FR)

2012 Grant for travel and research, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation (SE)

2012 Grant for publication, Längmanska Cultural Foundation (SE)

2011 Residency grant at Cité des Arts Paris, Swedish Royal Academy of Arts (FR/SE)

2011 Two-year working grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SE)

2011 Grant for cultural presentation abroad, Japan Foundation (JP)

2009 Grant for cultural exchange, IASPIS (SE)

2008 Honourable grant, Megumi Association (JP)

2008 Nomination (long-listed) for Sovereign European Art Prize (EU)

2008 Grant for large project, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SE)

2007 Government’s grant for young promising artist’s practice abroad, Agency for Cultural Affairs (JP)

2007 Cultural stipend, Malmö City (SE)

2006 Grant for artist’s practice, Nomura Cultural Foundation (JP)

2005 Assistant grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SE) [assisting Matts Leiderstam]

2004 Grant for artist’s practice abroad, Pola Art Foundation (JP)